About Education & Training

As coaches, leaders and volunteers within sport, learning about what we do and how we go about doing it effectively is a never-ending journey through some really great experiences (watching our performer attain their potential), but also some experiences which, on reflection, will change the next time they are used (practices which might not have worked quite as well as we had hoped).

Our learning takes place in a multitude of different ways: each time we think about what we have done, and what the participants and athletes got from the session; when we see someone else delivering something which we have ourselves delivered, but in a way which is different and new, and exciting for the performers; or when we chat to other coaches, volunteers or professionals in sport on the side-lines, about issues and challenges they have faced, and what their solutions were. Learning about our sports is not something that finishes when we gain our qualifications, or exists at a constant level after we ourselves have finished participating as a performer in our own right; but it is something that evolves, matures and challenges us throughout our involvement.

Coaches, volunteers and professionals are the life-blood of sport, and we all have valuable experiences to share and utilise in what we do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Disability Sport Wales recognises this and the fact that most people involved with sport want to do a great job, and continue to push the boundaries of what they do, find new techniques, get more information about what works, keep up-to-date with cutting-edge practices that will challenge, inspire, and excite participants and athletes, and make sure that being aware of the latest pieces of sport-related policy and legislation keeps participants and athletes safe and able to enjoy their involvement with their sport.

It is the intention of this area of the Disability Sport Website to support volunteers, leaders, coaches and people working within the physical activity, sport and leisure industries in continuing to provide great opportunities for participation and competition across Wales.